Messinet Secure Services

Messinet Secure Services is an ever-changing virtual classroom in which I learn about the GNU/Linux platform and all the services it can deliver. These services are the technological incarnation of an idea centered around keeping my family in touch with each other and technology.

Messinet Secure Services Help

Calendar, Contact & Task Synchronization via CalDAV & CardDAV

Horde’s CalDAV & CardDAV interface allows Messinet Secure Services users to synchronize calendars, tasks and contacts with desktop clients and mobile devices.

On Android devices, users are encouraged to use CalDAV-Sync, CardDAV-Sync and OpenTasks from available directly from the Google Play store:

After installation, follow the configuration instructions provided by, using for each of the CalDAV & CardDAV URLs.

Kerberos v5 & SASL/GSS-API

Wherever possible, Messinet Secure Services supports authentication, authorization and single sign on via Kerberos v5 & SASL/GSS-API.

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