Messinet Secure Services

Messinet Secure Services is an ever-changing virtual classroom in which I learn about the GNU/Linux platform and all the services it can deliver. These services are the technological incarnation of an idea centered around keeping my family in touch with each other and technology.

Fedora Linux RPMs

Packages are built for the x86_64 architecture in our local Koji build system and may require packages from the RPMFusion repository. A variety of package architectures are built in our Copr Fedora community build service repository.

Package Source Koji Builds Copr Builds  
asterisk Builds Build Status Open source telephony framework
asterisk-codec-bcg729 Builds Build Staus Belledonne Communications g729 codec module for Asterisk
asterisk-codec-opus Builds   Digium’s Opus codec modules for Asterisk
asterisk-sounds-extra Builds Build Status Extra sound files for Asterisk
buildsys-build-mss Builds Build Status Tools and lists of recent kernels used to build kernel module packages
golang-github-asipto-secsipidx Builds Build Status Secure SIP/Telephony Identity Extensions implementing STIR and SHAKEN
kamailio Builds Build Status Open Source SIP Server
msspkg-minimal Builds   Messinet Secure Services fedpkg-minimal clone
mss-release Builds   Messinet Secure Services RPM repository configuration
rtpengine Builds Build Status Sipwise NGCP rtpengine: userspace daemons, iptables module, and documentation
rtpengine-kmod Builds Build Status Sipwise NGCP rtpengine: kernel module built using RPMFusion’s kmod standard 2
Copr builds unsigned kernel modules not suited for UEFI Secure Boot

The following packages are not built for our public repository.

Package Source  
koji-signd Koji signing daemon
makemkv Video transcoder with streaming capabilities
msspkg Messinet Secure Services fedpkg clone
mss-workstation Messinet Secure Services workstations configuration and utilities
mythtv Open Source DVR
nextcloud Nextcloud self-hosted productivity platform (Apache/PostgreSQL virtuahost)
roundcubemail-plugin-carddav CardDAV addressbook for Roundcube Webmail
selinux-policy-targeted-module-mss Messinet Secure Services SELinux policy
selinux-policy-targeted-module-systemd-nspawn SELinux policy for systemd-nspawn containers

Package Manager Configuration

To include the Messinet Secure Services RPM repository in your configuration, install the current mss-release and mss-gpg-keys packages.

dnf install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

Kernel Module Signing Key

To load kernel modules in kmod packages on UEFI Secure Boot enabled systems, the “Messinet Secure Services kernel module signing key” must be installed using a utility such as mokutil. Reference,, and

curl -O
mokutil --import RPM-X509-KEY-mss-kernel-module.cer

Subject: O = Messinet Secure Services, CN = Messinet Secure Services kernel module signing key

Package Signing Keys

Fedora 40: rsa4096/CE439C84 2023-09-30
Fedora 39: rsa4096/B6750A1F 2023-04-06
Fedora 38: rsa4096/D9B61C67 2022-10-16
Fedora 37: rsa4096/F0644470 2022-03-03
Fedora 36: rsa4096/3998E7A7 2021-10-21
Fedora 35: rsa4096/8EA1D50F 2021-03-29
Fedora 34: rsa4096/28AD60E5 2020-10-19
Fedora 33: rsa4096/5BA9BD69 2020-03-28
Fedora 32: rsa4096/EBC71582 2019-10-05
Fedora 31: rsa4096/5D196C80 2019-04-27
Fedora 30: rsa4096/04AB0713 2018-10-25
Fedora 29: rsa4096/E8D83495 2018-04-06
Fedora 28: rsa4096/2DE711EC 2018-04-06, revoked: 2018-04-06
rsa4096/7D0E0714 2017-10-28
Fedora 27: rsa4096/9698D4D7 2017-07-02
Fedora 26: rsa4096/B4D5D3E1 2016-11-05
Fedora 25: rsa4096/F3062C33 2016-05-23
Fedora 24: rsa4096/D6E9A911 2015-10-17
Fedora 23: rsa4096/00B605FF 2015-05-17
Fedora 22: rsa4096/4AAB72C8 2014-07-16
EPEL 7: rsa4096/9A7B5C21 2014-07-16
Fedora 21: rsa4096/EB633CC6 2013-12-08
Fedora 20: rsa4096/6577E9E9 2013-10-12
Fedora 19: rsa4096/87135A6E 2013-01-24
Fedora 18: rsa4096/E5550078 2012-03-06
EPEL 6: rsa1024/F6738B65 2011-10-01
EPEL 5: rsa1024/C4FBB45A 2011-10-01
Fedora 17: rsa1024/954957ED 2011-07-31
Fedora 16: rsa1024/B0B40852 2011-07-31
Fedora 15: rsa1024/79190BCD 2011-04-11
Fedora 14: dsa1024/14B3373E 2010-12-18
Fedora: dsa1024/AD996D36 2010-12-18
dsa1024/5B942217 2007-05-26, revoked: 2021-03-31