Messinet Secure Services has moved to a new server and continues the ongoing migration of data and services.

On May 14, 2008, Messinet Secure Services began the migration to a new server with more data space, improved data backup and redundancy, better processing power and lower power consumption. The new server is running Fedora 9 on a Dell PowerEdge 64 bit Intel platform.

At the same time, a new website is being developed based on EGroupware which will better serve the needs of all the members of Messinet Secure Services.

The migration of the core system services went very smoothly and was completed in a day. The migration of the web services such as the Gallery are proving to be difficult as there is no good way to migrate data from one Gallery2 installation to another. Unfortunately, the result will be a new Gallery with all albums and items re-uploaded manually. The images and albums will all be replaced eventually, but the metadata (titles, descriptions, etc.) will not be moved. I apologize for this, but there was no way to do it.

I will continue the migration of website content as time permits. Thanks for your patience and understanding. More news to come soon.