On Friday, 2012-11-16 at 08:00 -0600, Messinet Secure Services will begin the switch from ADSL internet service provided by Cyberonic Internet Communications to Business Class Cable internet services provided by Comcast

During this switch, all connections in to and out of Messinet Secure Services in Chicago will be suspended. While the switch itself should happen within a matter of hours, it could take a couple days for DNS caches to expire and new entries to propagate throughout the internet. Intermittent access is expected throughout Friday and into Saturday morning.

We will be evaluating Comcast’s Business Class internet service for a period of about a month to decide whether or not it will suit our needs.

This switch is a necessity as unfortunately, the ADSL service we have used for the past eight years has become almost totally unreliable in keeping Messinet Secure Services connected to the rest of the world.