Messinet Secure Services has migrated to using git-http-backend for remote Smart HTTPS access to our Git repositories. To update the connection information, you will need to reset the git remote url in each of your repositories.

For development projects, use:

$ git remote set-url origin<project>.git

For RPM package development, use:

$ git remote set-url origin<package>.git

Authentication, authorization, and access are Kerberos/GSSAPI aware. You may want to set a few Git configuration options to make things easier. emptyAuth allows libcurl to use the Negotiate authentication mechanism, and cookieFile saves the authentication cookie to speed up sequential requests. See the git-config documentation for more information.

[http ""]
    cookieFile = /tmp/my-git.cookieFile
    emptyAuth = true
    saveCookies = true
    sslVerify = true

We have also released a new version of msspkg (msspkg-1.30-3.git433ba8f) for packagers in the Fedora Linux RPM Repository.