I have built the dahdi-2.0.0+2.0.0 and rebuilt the zaptel-1.4.11 RPMs. The dahdi-2.0.0+2.0.0 RPMs are the first official releases of dahdi-tools and dahdi-linux. The zaptel-1.4.11 RPMs now include the OSLEC kernel module within the zaptel-modules package and do not require the separate oslec-modules package.

As upgrading beyond zaptel-1.4.11 requires versions of Asterisk not yet in the official Fedora repositories, I will not build zaptel-1.4.12 since I have no way of testing the RPMs.

Also, Asterisk 1.6.0 has no support for zaptel in any fashion and requires DAHDI. When Fedora builds RPMs for the Asterisk 1.6.0 release (or a release candidate that includes chan_dahdi), I will attempt to move to using DAHDI.

Note: I only have the capability to build Fedora 8 for i386 and Fedora 9 for x86_64. I attempted building these kernel module packages using mock, but was unsuccessful as building packages that would work, even though they would build.