I have changed the way Messinet Secure Services provides DAHDI related packages.

As DAHDI is soon to be included in Fedora’s official repositories, (See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=461338), Messinet Secure Services is now providing only the kernel modules and associated udev rules in the newly packaged dahdi-linux-modules-uname-r RPM format. Firmware is packaged in a separate dahdi-linux-firmware package and requires the kernel module package.

I intend to keep the packages inline with the official Fedora packages in terms of package dependencies, naming, etc. The hope is that one can employ the Fedora packages and use the packages here as a drop-in for the kernel modules for those who require them.

The old packages that were built from the dahdi-linux-complete releases have been removed from the Fedora & Enterprise Linux RPM Repository.

To see and test the current development of the future Fedora packages, visit fedorapeople.org/~jcollie/dahdi/.