Messinet Secure Services has migrated to brand new hardware and also upgraded from Fedora 27 to Fedora 28 with a few notable exceptions. Based on the upstream recommendation, our FreeIPA hosts will remain on Fedora 27 until FreeIPA in Fedora 28 is ready. We’ve also elected to keep our MythTV server on Fedora 27 until 13263 is properly resolved.

We’re quite happy to see that SELinux & systemd integration issues 1471545 & 1486567 that plagued us throughout earlier Fedora releases seem to be resolved in Fedora 28.

Fedora 28 includes systemd sypport for Dynamic Users, which is a little rough around the edges, but progress is being made in 1559281 and 1572200.

SELinux still lacks functional policy support for machinectl, systemd-nspawn and full OS containers. So unfortunately SELinux and systemd integration issues continue to occur regularly at release since Fedora 25 and it remains clear that upstream Fedora isn’t prioritizing SELinux testing prior to release, even with respect to systemd, the init daemon of choice.

With the applicable Messinet Secure Services upgrades complete, we’re no longer building RPMs for Fedora 27 in the Fedora Linux RPM Repository, though encourage you to check out our builds in the Copr Fedora community build service.